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 All our DACs installed C-Media CM6631A chip as USB receiver.

For Windows users:  (Mac and Linux not influenced)

Microsoft hasn't recognized usb 2.0' audio as standard Windows topology until very late version of W10.


Before mid-2020, our DACs' USB section configured as PID=0319 (use customized driver, 1.03 is recommended)

In mid-2020, we start to configure our DACs to be PID=0004 (use W10 in box standard driver)


In PID=0004 condition, to use W10 in box standard driver you need to plug in our DAC and let W10 to "search driver from the Web" and then the W10 in box standard driver (digital signed by Microsoft) will be installed by Microsoft.  If not automatic execute, you have to go control panel to install this in box driver.  Why we start to configure our DAC to be PID=0004 is because that this in box driver can be automatically updated if necessary in every W10' update.


PID=0319 and PID=0004 can be changeable by the firmware tool FWUdate.exe (

to erase the current firmware and exit.

unplug DAC and re-plug in and execute FWUpdate.exe and choose one of the digital unsigned hex to install.


What PID now can be checked by FWUpdate.exe too






The driver below is our newest customized driver which supports all out products with Windows XP/Vista/W7/W8/W10 and with ASIO as well.

These drivers can only be used in PID 0319 firmware confugration.


USB2.0 Drivers for all (1.01)

USB2.0 Drivers for all (1.03)



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